Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Choosing Your Personalised Number Plate Style

Creating the image you want to reflect on your number plate is an extension of your personality, preferences and professional image. Your personalised number plate can serve as a business card or be a simple slogan you wish to send out as a message to the rest of the world.
Balancing Creativity with Sensibility
The decision to personalise your number plate shifts your anonymity in the vast sea of vehicles to the distinction that accompanies having your own label. Before you display your outstanding personal number plate, you need to make sure that this kind of attention will be something you will enjoy. Once you determine that this will be a good move, you will need to balance cleverness with socially acceptable statements. You don't want to end up covered in egg shells and making daily trips to the car wash.
Investing your Slogan
Some people are motivated to design a personalised plate by the possibility of an increased after sale value. Others are inspired by the challenge of waiting for a plate auction or owning a rare plate. The demand for the low number units is high; they are usually reserved for royalty making this option out of the league for modest incomes.
Writing Witty Words
Coming up with a creative and unique plate on your own is not easy; many clever combinations have already been assigned. Jot down words, phrases, slogans and symbols that you connect with; try to define you and your vehicle. Using fewer numbers and letters will place you within a more exclusive area of design, but they will also restrict your options for combinations. If your name is a popular one, take "Ann" as an example, ANN 799 is not going to be something on which you can plan your retirement.
You may want personalise the make, year and model of your car or motorcycle especially if it is a unique edition, rather than making the number plate an extension of yourself. Finding an unusual description to express the character of the vehicle requires a lot of mental agility; there is a limit the number of vehicles of the world. There is no limit to the uniqueness of each person, so combining the character of your vehicle with your own could result in a creative, show-stopping number plate.
Checking on-line resources will help to give you ideas if you feel stumped. Arriving at the personalised plate that you will be using for many years of your life is not usually an overnight decision; it requires careful thought, many scraps of paper and lots of late night thinking. Once you arrive at your inspiration, search for it on-line to see if it has been taken. Some plate owners are willing to auction the plate to the highest bidder. Another option is to register onto a waiting list for it.
Finishing your Product
Once you have claimed ownership of your personalised plate, peruse the different ways you can polish it. Dress it up with various fonts, backgrounds, external borders or colours. For an outstanding look, co-ordinate the colour of your bike or car with the colour of your number plate. Embellish your slogan with a 3-dimensional effect. If you want to add finesse, take the time to co-ordinate the style of the border, the colour of the font and background and then seal it with a badge or symbol that exemplifies your model.
Great ideas are contagious. Once you are struck with the inspiration, don't dither; make it a reality.

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